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Getting old(er)

So, I was in the pub happily cradling my drink unaware that the conversation was about to take a turn for the worse. Standing in a group of some I knew better than others, one of the fellows- lets call him ‘Brad’- for whatever reason leans across and asks of me quite innocently: ‘So how […]

Tipping and other social etiquette

So, we received a wedding invite recently and since it arrived from down under, it’s one I’m very much looking forward to attending. But this would be a pretty redundant column if I didn’t have something to constructively criticise (bitch) about, so strap yourself in. Let me state for the record that in spite of […]

That social website

So the missus and I were on holiday recently. Picture the scene: an idyllic tropical paradise in Sri Lanka. In a rare bout of rash expenditure that had my wallet begging for mercy, it was decided (and by that I mean my wife decided) that we splash out on a luxury hotel for our last few […]

Cry Wolf

So, for a tantalisingly brief spell last week, the clouds parted, the sun shined and in a scene reminiscent of that from ‘Twenty Eight Days Later’, hordes of barbecue deprived Brits converged as one, on every charcoal selling garage or DIY shop they could find. Never mind the mercury barely reached beyond nineteen degrees, that […]

A Debut Whinge

So I married an Australian. I didn’t plan to but you can’t fight these things and apart from a propensity to turn any word with the letter ‘I’ in it into an ‘O’ (can you turn the loyt out honey?) I must say she’s been a rather sporting addition to my life. Anyway apparently I complain about […]