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The Whinging Pom on Walter Palmer

So, a dentist shot a lion named Cecil. Not withstanding the cruelty of calling the king of the jungle Cecil, (‘Good news chaps, James Earl Jones has agreed to do the voice and Disney love it. Now are we sure we’re going with Mufasa? I have another suggestion..’) it’s obvious this was an abhorrent act, […]

Ryan Reynolds – An Inspiration

So in a recent article poor Ryan Reynolds has come under attack from the parenting Taliban. Boo Hoo. If you haven’t seen it, please feel free to Google the story. You know the movie star Ryan Reynolds? He of the chiselled face, rock hard abs and wooden acting (I’m sorry ladies but do you honestly […]

Daddy Day Care

So after much consideration on my wife’s part and very little resistance on mine, it was decided that my time would be best served giving up work and being a full time Dad to our little boy- for the first year of his life at least. This meant entering the exciting yet challenging arena of […]


So, there’s been a great deal said about the recent general election. Some of it well informed, some of it not so. The problem with entering the murky yet spirited pool of political debate is that there is a very real possibility of offending somebody. In my experience Political opinion stimulates the same part of […]


So, on a brief diversion from fatherhood I feel compelled to talk about something a little more sombre this week; namely my own mortality. Okay, not the happiest of subjects but bear with me. I’ve arrived at fatherhood (okay, I’m going to mention it a little bit) relatively late. By relative, I mean that my […]

Dining Out

So, I intended my most recent post to be the last one about becoming a Dad. However it would appear my Son has other ideas, regularly providing me with unequal opportunity to show just how often he outsmarts me. The good news is that Toby (my son; I haven’t taken to interjecting random peoples names […]

One man and a baby

So, fatherhood is upon me and I have learnt two things. You cannot, no matter how desperate you are at two o’clock in the morning negotiate, with a screaming one-week-old and that, contrary to what the movie Jurassic Park teaches us, it is not dinosaurs but in fact sleeping infants whose vision is based on […]


So, just over nine months ago I received confirmation I was to become a Dad. Since then my son has been born and I’m now typing this through eyeballs that feel like they’ve been put through the spin cycle of my washing machine. They say nothing prepares you for being a Dad. That, however, has […]

I’m not a Jaffa.

So events have moved on and some time ago, my wife and I decided to try for a baby. For my own part it was not a decision made lightly since, unlike other life changing moments‐moving home, starting a new job, getting married, having children is not a situation that can be readily reversed with the […]

Getting old(er) 2

So, it occurred to me that last week I didn’t really encapsulate everything that bothers me about getting older, particularly since my technological ignorance is hardly a recent development. What I failed to mention was that, ironically, one of my first jobs was as a sales assistant for Currys Electrical, which is a bit like making […]