Steven Curtis

About Me

Steve Curtis is an atypical Yorkshire man who has never used the term eh bah gum or lived up to the stereotype of being tight, preferring instead the description ‘fiscally responsible’.

Shortly after graduating from Newcastle University with an Honours degree in Biology he moved to London in 1998 and was amazed to find the place infested with Australians. With no choice but to marry one he works for an organisation that widely encourages innovation and independent thought just so long as you do as you’re told.

He enjoys travelling, sport and walking his dog, though why anyone would care is beyond him, but being an avid reader himself that’s the sort of stuff other authors tell people about themselves, so who is he to buck the trend, right? And whilst we’re on it wouldn’t it be so much more interesting if Authors were just honest. I mean if the Author of a Book on gardening said ‐ ‘In my spare time, I enjoy Satanism, self flagellation and dressing like my favourite Muppet.’‐ wouldn’t that be great? I mean wouldn’t you buy that book?

Anyway he doesn’t like any of those things but he’d love to hear from anyone who does (maybe not Satanism). In the mean time he lives just outside London with his wife, dog and soon to be child. He loves writing, which is just as well, otherwise this blog would really get on his nerves.